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The Perseus Breed

Length: 227 pages2 hours



Valerie was gone. Dinner was on the stove cooking; the swing on the porch was rocking. And she had vanished forever. But her young boyfriend Borley Share would never abandon his search for her. He remained haunted by her eerie painting of another world, by her sketch of the dark-haired strangers, by her suspicion that she was adopted.

Decades later, Share, now a New York psychologist, had not abandoned his quest. Instead he discovered a terrifying pattern of pretty women who vanished off the face of the Earth every thirty years.

Now the time was coming when the mysterious disappearances would start again. And the victims would be women like his beautiful patient Nicole—a girl tormented by a dream that she had been adopted and destined to vanish unless Share discovers the shocking truth in time.

...Where have these women gone? What is their terrifying fate?

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