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Western Homestead Love (Trilogy Bundle)

Length: 96 pages1 hour


Western Temptation - Volume 1
Matt didn’t intend to become sheriff of the tiny town of new homesteaders, but someone needed to keep the peace. Not much happens in his little territory, and he likes it that way.
Erin needs a fresh start far away from the dark evil of her family. What she didn’t expect was to find the town sheriff so distractingly handsome.
When Erin’s family comes after her, Erin sees all her dreams vanish, along with the sheriff who wanted to protect her.

Western Seduction - Volume 2
Bloodied and hurt, Matt wakes to find Erin’s homestead in shambles, and she’s nowhere to be found. With no other choice, he must pursue her kidnappers to bring her back.
A small town sheriff is no match for her evil uncle, and she knows it. As they ride further and further away from her new start, she loses hope that she’ll ever see Matt again.
With guns blazing, Matt swoops in and saves the day, rescuing Erin and making quick work of the men who’ve taken her. As she tends his wounds, they can no longer fight their attraction to each other.

Western Incitation - Volume 3
Overcome by their desires, Matt introduces Erin to a desire she’s never known. Erin is a willing student with a few tricks of her own.
But danger is never far away. While they find a moment of peace, cattle rustlers find them and threaten their very lives.
Can Matt and Erin find safety in the wilds of this new western world?

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