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Very Dirty Stories #58

Length: 73 pages1 hour


What if she was always turned on?

When she wants to go for it... you owe her to follow through!

Max's stories are boosting Natalya's libido, but she's checking the results. Penetration is easy, but she's got a hankering for the forbidden! Danielle has finally achieved her goal, but it's what Ronin does now that she's been lusting after. Ginny gets measured; it's Tom's call if she's open enough now. Miska just has to worry about his intentions for her bottom!

***** "Uh oh... Natalya's getting crazy... urges!"
***** "I'm still squirming with my ankles crossed... Danielle is so unbelievably sexy!"
***** "Wow! Ok, not sure stretching like that is possible but I'd want to see it!"
***** "Miska's going for bigger in so many sexy ways!"

Get lost in how far these ladies are willing to go! It'll take big challenges to fulfill their needs now.

Natalya experiments and discovers big penetration is not a challenge. Her pursuit of more taboo desires really catch Max's attention! "Raw 2 (A Natalya Story)"

Danielle achieves her stretching goal. Her fingers release her and then she enjoys how Ronin takes thing easy. "Intensity 4 (A Danielle Story)"

Ginny worries she still might not be wide enough. Tom can't complain about how much she wants to do more! "Discussions of an Intimate Nature 3 (A Ginny Story)"

Miska knows Ronin will push her to play hard and get sore. Sometimes he's awfully sure of himself when it comes to driving for more in her bottom! "Measures of Pleasure (A Miska Story)"

Approximately 10,600 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from our Spring 2014 catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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