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Love Rules

Length: 252 pages5 hours


Jessie Coleman has seen the Black Widow. Now he's ordered by his commanding officer to capture her. She's a spy for the Union army and has led more Rebels to their death than they can count. But Jessie doesn't count on falling in love with Maggie. Nursing him back to health after a bullet wound, Jessie finds he can't resist her. And the biggest problem is, she can't resist him either. But love and duty are two entirely different things and when he wakes up one morning to find her gone, he knows he has to do his duty. He turns her in. She goes to prison.

The war is over and Maggie has done her time, saved from a tragic end by the ending of the war, she finds she has more than a few problems when Rebels soldiers want to get even with her for all the deaths she caused. So Maggie does the only thing she can. She runs to Jessie. She's bringing with her the one thing Jessie hadn't counted on, a child. Jessie's daughter.

Figthing the Rebels, the towns people's opinion of a white man and a Negro girl together, Jessie and Maggie are more in love than ever. He wants to make them a family. A real family. The only way to do that is marry her. But can he keep her alive? Can they outlive the prejudice of the people? And can he bend the Love Rules
for love's sake?

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