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Weekend Experience: Exploration of Fetishes by an Unlikely Couple, and the Blossoming of Love

Length: 348 pages6 hours



An epic love story of erotic relationships and sexual desires. The exploration of kinks, fetishes, and sensual pleasures in an open and trusting environment. The blossoming of love. And a strong woman’s journey of discovery, growth, and eventual dominance.

WEEKEND EXPERIENCE: Sam and Kelly have role-played some of their most intimate fantasies in an atmosphere of openness and trust. Now, Sam wants to share with Kelly new kinks, fetishes and sensual pleasures. Kelly is more than a willing participant: She is the mirror by which Sam sees that his openness and submission is as important as Kelly’s. A visit by her friends leads to new fantasies for both of them.

EXPERIENCES is a story of female empowerment and a social commentary on roles and relationships in modern society. The prequel introduces Sam, and the story follows the evolution of his intimate relationship with Kelly as the series progresses. Fantasies and real-world adventures mold a unique bond between unlikely lovers.

Spanning 8 books and 3100 pages, the EXPERIENCES saga opens readers’ eyes to new possibilities. Perspectives on love, sex, and nudity are challenged, as the main characters explore a mind-boggling range of fantasies, fetishes, sexual orientations, and lifestyles.

EXPERIENCES combines thoughtful discussion by the characters with graphic descriptions of their erotic adventures. It represents a new literary genre, Intelligent Erotic Romance.

Contemporary erotic romance: Suitable for mature readers, aged 18+ years.
Experiences: Book 3 is 101,000 words, 17 chapters, 333 print pages

Acclaim from reviewers:
“Weekend Experience is fun, intense, sexually erotic”
“The dialog is great, and the characters are amazing”
“This is a fun read, that poses some serious questions”
“Fine writing from an author who knows her genre”
“Freier has an intoxicating way with words”
“I kept on turning the pages, and wanted to read to the end”
“The writing is well-done, engaging, and erotic”
“[The sex] is a staggeringly honest depiction”
“The characters are rich and believable, while the eroticism is thick and lush”
“Freier is turning out to be one of the best erotic fiction authors I have ever come across”
“Weekend Experience is thought provoking, and made me question my own fantasies”
“These novels give readers everything they can possibly seek, while posing questions that one will think about”
“Freier writes some incredibly powerful scenes”
“Once again, Freier delivered heavy details, plus a lot of other well thought out, added attractions”
“It’s certainly an arousing read that tugs at your adventurous side”
“Freier expands the ménage à quatre, taking her story to a fascinating conclusion ... or is there more to follow?
“Experiences are more than just your typical erotic novels; there is substance to them, and lessons to be learned”
“This is truly an exploration of emotion and the complexities of love in the modern world”
“Very graphic in detail, but a great read nonetheless”
“Weekend Experience is a memorable novel”
“It is quite a tale and a very good read that explores an intimate topic”
“I have enjoyed this whole series and don’t want it to end”
“A great read, and recommended to all fans of erotic romance”
“Exciting read!”

This work contains mature content, including graphic sexual descriptions and scenes, and is provided for adults only. The Experiences series contains scenes of psychological and physical submission, discipline, and medical procedures. ALL CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK ARE 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER, and all activities are consensual.

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