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The New Girl

Length: 267 pages4 hours


Ann is a year out of school and has a job. She is bright, intelligent and her employer is pleased with her. But her new life is not what she'd hoped for when she left home, the girls in the shared flat having their own social circle and barely speaking to her, so she is very happy when she's befriended by a customer, Mary, a successful businesswoman with her own boutique.

Amongst Mary's clientele are some very well-heeled ladies who like to have a girl 'living' with them, and she earns herself a little commission for finding and introducing suitable recruits. Immediately recognising Ann as a perfect candidate, Mary sets her little tasks which entail her losing some or all of her clothes, and then spanking her for any misdemeanours, until she knows she can do practically anything she wants with the girl - including introducing her to the Ladies...

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