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Very Dirty Stories #64

Length: 62 pages58 minutes


Does she want something bigger? How can you help her feel fulfilled?

Enjoy as much as you can and experiment with more! There's no reason to be timid about pleasure.

Daphne's feeling the pressure as Nicolas focuses on preparing her for big achievements. Stretching is hard work, and she's discovering her own lust and his tools are a match for one another. Of course, Emily knew Tom was the perfect match for the master she's always wanted. He's asking for all the things she wants to give him, and being more open is her pleasure!

***** "Daphne drives a hard bargain! Love it when she makes her requirements clear to Nicolas - including demanding he go all the way or she might decide stretching isn't good enough!"
***** "Max adds the little things... the awkward laugh at a moment of tension or the surreal things lovers say... His hard hitting erotica will turn you on, but it's his characters and their familiarity that makes you read every story you can."
***** "The touching moments when he whispers 'If you can be strong with me' then the intense dirty talk as she urges him to enjoy her body... My fingers are sore and I'm wondering how to do the exercises Emily enjoys with her Master."

Master your excitement and discover the climatic peaks of stretching play. Bigger can totally be better when you ready for it!

Nicolas accepts Daphne's challenge and begins to stretch her body to suit her desires. As the day continues, he makes plenty of progress so Daphne can decide if she wants to keep going. "Nicolas and Daphne 6 (A Daphne Story)"

Tom and Emily explore their lust, and it's no surprise that he encourages her to satisfy his desires for a comfortable fit. Her hunger for a master whom she can please makes for a perfect match! "Quiet Nights In NJ 3 (An Emily Story)"

Approximately 10,700 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from our Spring 2014 catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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