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Dragon's Fire: Novellas 7,8, & 9

Length: 302 pages4 hours


Knights are careful, calculating people - and the bane of dragons.

Secrets of Steel
Everyone has secrets they keep from the others - intentional or not. A relaxing trip upstate turns into a struggle of Crispin versus a trained knight. As Annabel watched, Mark comes to the rescue and saves him. His own conscious plagues him with the thought of betraying the knighthood.

Fire Blast
When old foes show up once more, the dragons much split their time between attacking the Unseen and defending themselves against the knights. Crispin believes it is best to keep Annabel from the fight and urges her to stay away. When her father shows up, new people begin shining in a different light.

Molten Steel
The worse fear for a knight is for his daughter to be associated with dragons. This fear drives Annabel's father into dueling Crispin. Mark acts upon a contract drawn up years ago which states Annabel is to become her wife. Her heart is tested between duty and love.

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