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I Look For You In Other Truths

Length: 112 pages37 minutes


In this new collection of poetry, Ramon Loyola infuses his verses with the same sentimentality and poignancy evident in his debut work, not poems, just words.

I Look For You In Other Truths is full of afterthoughts and musings on what you see, smell, touch, hear and feel as you navigate the alleyways of grief, love and loss.

It’s about the chances you take and the choices you make, the potential and the promise of loving again and the hope of not failing again.
It’s about the excitement of another’s touch and the ecstasy you feel when you dare to touch back.
It’s about the colours you see in someone else’s eyes, the heartbeats you hear, when you’re standing really, really close to someone.

I Look For You In Other Truths is about your life that is waiting to be shared.

Ramon Loyola is the author of not poems, just words: on loving, living and longing, a collection of prose poems written over a period of two decades.

I Look For You In Other Truths is his second book.

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