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Memories of Lesbian Ropes

Length: 175 pages2 hours


This one is a real Lesbian Bondage Romance novel rather than short stories. It is set in 17th Century England. If you like women who tie each other up for fun and gratification, this is the book you will want to add to your library along with the others in the series. This book contains a single long story that follows women who pursue pathways that lead them into exciting relationships that contain ropes and lesbian sexuality. The women in the stories form personal relationships that may begin in several ways, but from which the protagonist ultimately achieves great satisfaction from the combination of ropes, bondage, domination and the sexual juxtaposition between women that is the end result. The stories in the Lesbian Bondage Saga series explore every aspect of Lesbian Bondage imaginable including; lesbians, girl-girl, woman-woman, lesbians, lesbianism, Sapphic love, kissing, tying, tied up, oral sex, mutual masturbation, finger banging, diddling, mutual masturbation, simple masturbation, the act of tribade, tribbing, rubbing and triabadism, humping, toys, dildoes (dildos), ropes, handcuffs, cuffs, chain, chains, sleeves, gags, blindfolds, various forms of lingerie, toys, dress up, scarf, scarves, spanking, romance, love, lust, domination, submission, loving relationships and sensuality. In short, everything that its known or imagined going on between two healthy human females to achieve pleasure. Enjoy!

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