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If I Can Dream, the Story of "Being Elvis" for 50 Years

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The year 2017 will mark 40 years since Elvis Presley died and 50 years since the author performed his first Elvis Tribute Show. This is the true story of that journey as it intertwined with the life of the World's Greatest Rock n' Roller. A 3 year old boy sings into an imaginary microphone (hairbrush) and grows up to spend a half century “being Elvis”, performing during the terms of 10 U.S Presidents. This story includes wild road trips, clinging women, lost love, found love, lost friend, midnight visits from the mysterious “Ava”, advice from Elvis on being Elvis, schmoozing with Oprah, battles with drugs, negotiations with alcohol, intentional exposure to nuclear radiation, an interrogation by the Secret Service and “being Elvis” through it all. Along the way the reader will encounter a father crawling up a dirt road with his throat nearly slit, a teen beaten to a pulp by a violent gang, buddies engaging in life-threatening horseplay, an unfulfilled romance spanning 30 years, international intrigue, shady talent agents, haunting midnight visitors, a homicide, an attempted car-jacking thwarted by side-burns the bedside account of the deaths of a father and a mother, the character morphing from Elvis to Mark Twain, spending time with the Chicago Bears and playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls. The book also contains many images and links to videos relating to musical performances as it has been designed to be read on e-devices as a multi-media product.

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