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Awareness 101 (The Beginning)

Length: 85 pages1 hour


This book though titled Awareness 101, is appropriate for all levels of religious/spiritual travelers. It begins in the very basic for the newcomer and ends at a place where even the seasoned would enjoy. Hopefully, it will shed some light onto the darkness of myths, ignorance and beliefs that surrounds this action called awareness. We ask and sometimes answer important and pertinent questions that are relevant to the demands of today's living. To where we see for ourselves the necessity of being aware. The book is written with familiar and common words that we all can comprehend with very few technological terms that sometimes causes a difficulty in understanding . Within the introduction we come upon the need to “heighten” awareness beyond everyday routine and habit. We will explore and inquire to see how this heightening can come about naturally and intelligently. Where awareness can be our instrument to better understand our self or in the words of the sages, to “Know Thyself”.

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