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The Hamburger Story of Investing

Length: 57 pages27 minutes


This book, entitled “The Hamburger Story of Investing”, conveys an easy-to-understand story about three entrepreneurs who started a hamburger restaurant, with a relatively small amount of money, and grew their start-up business into a multi-national, blue chip corporation, and consistent growth stock investment.

The book tells a simple story that anyone from the new, inexperienced stock investor to the very experienced professional money manager can read and get a real world understanding regarding the essence of growth stock investing.

The ultimate goal of the book, and it’s story, is to convey, in simple, concise language, the essence of growth stock investing, and how to identify growth companies. If you are interested in growth stock investing, I strongly suggest that you buy and read this book. It will help you in the pursuit of and formulation of your own growth stock investing strategy.

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