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Dream Of Echoes

Length: 198 pages3 hours


John had given up on life when he lost his girlfriend and his job within days of each other. He decides to leap to his death from an old steel bridge in Oregon just as the autumn time change takes place. Fall back in the fall, that’s his plan. But instead of drowning, he falls back through time. He’s pulled from the river by two young men and wakes up to find himself in a wagon on the Oregon Trail in 1847. The wagon is owned by a petite but strong young lady that quickly captures his heart. When the wagon train moves on west without them, John must learn how to survive in the wilderness, how to hunt and fish, all the while falling deeper and deeper for his one true love, Kate. He spends the happiest six months of his life with her, but when he loses her unexpectedly in the Columbia River Gorge, he is faced with the ultimate decision. Was his future in the past or would his past catch up to him?

The plot idea involving the main character moving from the present to the past, traveling on the Oregon Trail is complex yet creative. Time travel is an interesting subject by itself but traveling back to the Oregon Trail allowing John to meet and fall in love with a recently widowed Katie is ingenious.
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The strongest aspect of this excerpt is the first person narrative. John Baker's recounting of his time travel experience sounds genuine; his language evokes the impression that he is truly surprised by the turn of events his attempted suicide has set in motion.
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