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Very Dirty Stories #65

Length: 58 pages52 minutes


When does sexy become crazy and then become even more sexy?

Like lightning striking twice, pursuit of jolting sexual intensity can blast through every inhibition. The lingering physical memories create new cravings and fetishes until these ladies push for more once again.

As sharp as the knives she uses to trigger adrenaline and sexual frenzy, Violet keeps her intimate secrets hidden behind her wicked claws. And after pushing Nicolas to use a Balfour Retractor as a DIY speculum, Daphne has her reminders to put on a good show and recreate the pleasure of that heightened moment intense penetration. These ladies need that undeniable feeling of more!

***** "Violet's that sexy madwoman you took home drunk and woke up with bite marks all over your body!"
***** "Max makes sexual insanity delightfully pleasurable! Read these and dare yourself to admit how much they turn you on."
***** "I'm squeezing my thighs together... legs crossed... so much stretching that I'm shaking!"

Live dangerously and pounce on sexual opportunities. Playing it safe denies the pleasures that you crave!

Violet can sink her teeth and claws into his flesh, but he senses the secrets she is keeping close. When the knives come out and he begins tracing patterns on her skin, Violet's need for intense pleasures takes on new meaning. "Delicate Endeavour 2 - Violet's Bite (A Violet Story)"

The Balfour Retractor pushes Daphne past comfortable physical limits. A massive dildo is no problem in the future - proving the intense stretching pays off. "Nicolas and Daphne 7 (A Daphne Story)"

Approximately 10,300 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from our Spring 2014 catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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