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Very Dirty Stories #69

Length: 107 pages1 hour


What's waiting on the other side of desire? Have you met your doppelgänger?

There's someone out there so much like you, but the little differences will make it surreal for you both!

Natalya and Max see Ronin - and he sees them as well. Only Natalya would have the courage and confidence to tempt a wulf with all the ways her body has been transformed by Max. Natalya's mastery is mirrored by Angel's decline in uncontrolled desires. She gives in - and there is only her need and what she must do to satisfy it.

***** "Max allows his universes to collide - and two wulfs come together. How could sexy Natalya be anything else? Ronin's discomfort and her pleasure are brilliantly written!"
***** "Natalya and Ronin... what she does and how he experiences her... subtle and sexy and eye opening!"
***** "Angel's sexual compulsions shatter her on the rocks of her own wetness! Absolutely love the depravity and lust she desires with the complexity of her guilt. Sadism without a sadist!"

Take a walk on the other, darker side of your passions!

Natalya's intimately familiar with Max and Ronin's desires. She enjoys how Ronin goes further and tests her limits while using her wiles to learn about Max's doppelgänger. "Variations (A Natalya Story)"

Slowly crashing while succumbing to her physical desires, Angel struggles to maintain herself. When she gives in completely to her depraved lust, Angel is compelled to tattoo herself in an admission of defeat. "In Need (An Angel Story)"

Approximately 11,000 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from our Spring 2014 catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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