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TANA: Book One

Length: 378 pages3 hours


Tana is about a young girl, Candice Coburn, age 16, who falls in love while on safari. Candice contracts malaria and has to stay in the Chief's kraal with the safari master, Bradfield Halstead. She falls in love and soon finds herself pregnant, but health complications arise. Brad eventually gets a message to a pilot friend, Sam, who flies Candy to Nairobi hospital. She gives birth by Caesarean section to twins, James and Janey. Brad and Candy’s relationship is more than a love match: it is meeting of souls.
Candy finds a contentment in life that at age 16 she never believed possible. When she and the children are well enough, Brad flies them to Salisbury to get Candy's father’s permission to marry, or face being charged with rape of a minor. The Rhodesian High Commissioner agrees to marry them. Here Brad learns the secret of Candy’s origins, but cannot tell her...
They return to Tana, Brad’s East African island off the coast of Kenya, French territory. Their life together is filled with love, anxiety and fulfillment. At age 21 she unexpectedly finds herself the Head of State as a Trustee for her son, James. Will Tana fall foul of France's nuclear testing ambitions?

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