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How To Invest Today: A Beginner's Guide To The World Of Investments

Length: 336 pages4 hours


All beginner investors are rightfully skeptical: there is no end to the things awaiting good money held by good people. And all beginning investors want to find the shortest route to objective, sound advice regarding their money--advice that lays out the fundamentals and tells them what investing is all about.

That advice can now be found in Lawrence Lynn's How to Invest Today. Though there are many books about the complicated art of investment, most are either filled with sophisticated jargon or narrowly focused toward a certain angle. This primer on contemporary investing, written by a team of financial professionals and writers, fills an important niche: it is a general-purpose book on today's world of money management that introduces the novice to the many facets of investment in simple, down-to-earth language:

- bonds
- securities
- insurance
- mutual funds
- the stock market
- annuities
- real estate
- options
- retirement and estate planning
- employee benefits
- and more

If you are not an experienced investor, this is the book for you. It explains common terms that may be unfamiliar to the newcomer--liquidity, higher current yield, growth of principle--and illustrates them with vivid hypothetical scenarios. It alerts the reader to common mistakes in investing and provides an up-to-date picture of all the basic financial options available. How to Invest Today takes the mystery out of the investments and puts the beginner at ease, with concise, uncomplicated explanations.

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