The author has taught meditation and yoga philosophy for 25 years; and has been trained extensively by Buddhist, Sufi and Siddha masters in India and the United States. Education in the sciences has brought a measure of empiricism to the appreciation of eastern philosophy. Thus in this book you will find the practices, and orientation to meditation, driven by the veracity of the author’s own experience.

Through meditation we begin to get glimpses of the stillness. With practice, the stillness enters us, and we begin to enjoy the spontaneous inner sense of serenity. Over time the stillness becomes the foundation of our perception and we look out on the world from our peaceful presence. Once we know this as our Self we can be free of the anxiety, doubt, disappointment, and fear, just being the watcher. This is Deep Peace.
It might come as a surprise that consciousness, the Self, is the watcher of the mind. In this we can become the impartial witness of mental dramas, creating separation between the watcher and the chaos of ego. Fortunately, the mind begins to like the stillness, and the suffering evaporates due to lack of interest. In this we become truly happy and content.
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