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Abolition: Book One

Length: 161 pages3 hours


It has been five years since the Abolition destroyed the Valley, causing an economic meltdown and terminal illness. Forced to do anything to survive, a young man joins the Watch, a rebel group formed to protect what little they have left. No one knows who is to blame for the Abolition. Mongoose, who is quiet and fierce, just wants the truth revealed.

The Sheriff, who once led a rebellion against the government, now controls the Death Squads, an elite force of fighters. Now holed up in a deserted power plant with his guards, the Sheriff controls everything and seems willing to help no one. While on watch patrol one day, Mongoose encounters a mysterious girl in trouble. After rescuing the woman he later names Lucky, the pair soon find themselves on the run from a man who wants them dead. As they attempt to evade their enemies and save Lucky’s life, it is not long before the two realize they will have to reject their own morals just to stay alive.

In this thrilling fantasy, two groups with entirely different goals face off as a young hero and his new female companion bravely fight for their existence in a world where others will do anything to survive.

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