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Living In A Paranormal Portal There Is Life After Death

Length: 90 pages30 minutes


LIVING IN A PARANORMAL PORTAL THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATHThis non-fiction book is dedicated to those who are skeptical about spirits and the afterlife.I have 77 photographs in this book to show you the White Light and spirits I capturedin all forms of; people, animals, ghouls, aliens, orbs and ecto mists. I bought this 1995house in Clearwater, Florida in 2000. I still live in this house. When my daughter and I we were unaware that several spirits pass through this house every day. In this book I tellyou how to protect yourself dealing with evil spirits and being surrounded by many spirits. I tell you how to help those spirits that are lost, confused and can’t find their way to the White Light. I tell you stories about paranormal activity that has happened in our house and still does. I researched Pinellas County, Florida for Indian sites and haunted areas. I researched orbs their colors and sizes. I researched portals on properties and in mirrors. I researched ecto mists. After experiencing all these things I have inner peace knowing that we don’t just die. I think we have choices we can make after we die. For instance, when my mother passed away in 2009 a baby, three circles with a weird face appeared on my glass doors to the back of our property that I could see with my eyes. I found out the three circles means reincarnation. After a few weeks the baby’s face turned into an old hag. That is when I began taking photographs inside and outside of my house and learned we lived in a portal. I used two Kodak digital cameras with 5X and 21X zoom. The photographs in this book are awesome! I have hundreds of photographs of the White Light and spirits. I take photographs everyday sometimes capturing the same spirits for days in a row and then new ones appear. When you look at the photos, you decide if the spirits are coming out of the White Light or going into the White Light.

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