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My Two Cents: Cici and Tati: Where The World of Fitness Meets The Multiple Shades of Gray

Length: 80 pages37 minutes


Derek Jamison, a well respected and handsome personal trainer is excited about his upcoming interview with journalists Tatiana Landers and Cici Reeves. The two gorgeous journalists are more than thrilled to be assigned the first exclusive and ultimately seductive interview with the super-,hot and sexy fitness expert as well. The focus of his book is a two week program that promises positive and lasting change, in a short period of time.Conducting their interview, the two women discover a few more deliciously intriguing aspects about Derek along the way. Even though serious about their jobs as journalists, both women are quite smitten and very attracted to the multi-faceted and always engaging Derek. He is incredibly aroused by their intelligence and beauty as well.Join these three intriguiing and vibrant characters as they embark on a journey of enlightenment that includes provocative and sensual aspects that promise to arouse the reader mentally and sexually. Their story tantalizes all of the senses with just enough eroticism to draw the reader into their seduction as if you were a part of their alluring experience. Be prepared to feel the burn of desire as their chemistry promises to raise the reader’s adrenaline until the peak of ultimate pleasure and complete sexual satisfaction is reached.

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