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The Engaged Hiring Process: A Simple Plan to Help You Hire the Best

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Can you afford the average cost of a bad hiring decision? That costs companies anywhere from three to five times the annual salary of the wrong person they hired. In this short book I share the methods and resources I used to make four very good hiring decisions and that built a culture of engagement or further strengthened it among our employees. This is the culture each new A-Player we hired joined. That is is vital to the success of your hiring decisions as the person or their background of strengths and skills and references. I applied this approach here in the U.S. and overseas. The results of these hiring decisions led us to these achievements:* sales doubled and new orders tripled in the first 6 months of a new subsidiary;* revenue growth of 80% while industry prices plummeted by 70% for new and existing customers;* sales conversion rates grew from 50% to over 80%;* positive cash-flows grew. There are no shortcuts to making the right hiring decision. It takes everyone's full commitment, requiring an investment of your time and attention to map a plan, describe the goal, execute it and move quickly to the next challenge. My simple plan helps you avoid common mistakes found in most hiring decisions while it helps you engage your key stakeholders in its planning, preparation and execution. This is key. The culture your new A-Player is welcome into plays an important role in their success, your team's success, and yours. My plan shows you how to create a culture of engagement that welcomes your new employee with welcome arms and a plan for their immediate success.

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