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Michael Pigeon thought that this mission was going to be routine. Posing as an Austrian journalist for a military weapons identification manual publisher. Arriving in Tripoli, Libya, Michael meets his point of contact, a CIA clandestine service operative who holds the rank of a major in the Libyan Army. The major takes Michael around to the various missile sites for snapshots and general observation. At one site, both of them are shown a clandestine weapons laboratory. The Libyans, during the 1990’s, had conducted chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons manufacturing and testing. The nuclear weapons part of the laboratory was equipped with obsolete, unsafe equipment for making nuclear warheads. The major and Michael are exposed to a lethal dose of radiation. Within days, radiation-poisoning symptoms set in, all part of a carefully conceived plan of the Libyan government to get rid of any snoopers. Michael and the major discover that the ship, sitting pier side in Tripoli for some years now, has 450 Al-Fatah II series missiles onboard. Each missile is equipped with a 500-kiloton tactical nuclear warhead. The Libyans are planning a terrorist attack against the U.S. of a level never imagined since September 11, 2001. Find out if Michael and the Major can warn the U.S. in time.
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