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While still recovering from the previous mission’s injuries, Michael receives a phone call instructing him to come to the office. He arrives at the office and is confronted by certain key personnel of the Central Intelligence Agency’s departments for Intelligence and Counterterrorism. After being asked a lot of questions about what Michael knew of Bill Yancy’s current mission he was on, these top personnel inform Michael that Bill’s plane disappeared. This troubles Michael greatly as he tries to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. Michael is told that aboard the plane, besides Bill and Everett are a small group of United Nations dignitaries trying to establish peace with the various African nations that are known to either support or harbor terrorists. The area of the plane’s disappearance is a country known to harbor terrorists and other similar groups who would just as soon kill them as to rescue them. Now, Michael must find out where Bill, Everett and the others are located and then extract them out of their internment. Find out if Michael is going to be able to be successful at extracting them all out.
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Availability for Code Name Pigeon: Book 5: Extraction
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