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Crisis: Book Zero of American Sulla

Length: 253 pages2 hours


When the unthinkable happens ... what happens next?

A nuclear weapon destroys Lower Manhattan. A million people die. Millions more flee from a gigantic, deadly cloud of fallout.

The crisis has only begun.

President William Orwell Steele and his cabinet labor to cope with the aftermath of an unprecedented terrorist attack, while a host of ordinary Americans struggle merely to survive in a world where everything has changed. From the corridors of power to the squalor of refugee camps, from world capitols to the lawless frontiers of Pakistan, from economic collapse to armed rebellion, the impact of the May Day attack swiftly spreads to every aspect of society and every corner of the globe.

(This ebook is an excerpt from the novel American Sulla. Its 38,000 words amount to just over one-quarter of the first volume, May Day. The complete novel, in three volumes, will run to more than 400,000 words.)

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