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Dysfictional 2: Shreds of Sanity: Dysfunctional Fiction, #2

Length: 172 pages2 hours


- A henpecked husband makes a stand against his surly wife.
- Is a mysterious stain on the ceiling of a prison cell a product of the inmate's imagination or something more sinister?
- A woman trapped in a loveless marriage finds magic in a gift from a friend.
- Something is alive in the outhouse…
- A young boy longs to venture beyond the walls of his post-apocalyptic city, until he learns the terrifying truth about what's out there.
- A terminally ill teen's forbidden love affair turns tragic.
- A young witch and her talking dog are tasked with ridding their home of unwanted guests. Magic is their only recourse.

Enjoy these twisted tales and more in Volume 2 of Mandy White's 'Dysfunctional Fiction' series.

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