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Into Submission (Belonging to the Billionaire, #4)

Length: 38 pages38 minutes


Amanda finally gets an opportunity to dominate Stephanie in the bedroom, a journalist investigates Andre's Corporation and Stephanie learns a little about what it means to submit in the sizzling fourth installment of Belonging to the Billionaire.


Praise for previous installments of Belonging to the Billionaire:

"Sexy story. Highly recommended!" -Mark Thompson

"Well written and hot! Full of great sex scenes. Andre West is as sexy as ever!" -Veronica Young



I flushed with shame. Though every thought commanded me to refute her, the powerful sensation rooted in the pit of my stomach overruled every thought of dissent. All that it wanted was pleasure. Submit," it said. "Let her humiliate you. Give yourself to her and if will feel so sweet."
I felt my pride ebb away as I felt her touch roam closer and closer to my clit. I bit my lip trying to ignore the lust surging through me. I wanted to think of something unrelated, but nothing was vivid enough to mask her touch.
I was still struggling when she spoke again, inches from my ear, saying "I guarantee that you will feel no release until I hear you beg."
This time, though, I didn't shy away at the sound of her voice. All I could think about was the sensation of her breath on my cheek and the soft touch of her fingertips. I could no longer resist. "Please," I begged, "please, just let me come." I waited for a moment, concentrating every iota of my consciousness in my clit, waiting for release.
I cried out in shock and outrage when, instead of the gentle touch I had craved, I was rewarded with a stinging slap from her riding crop.
"Beg for more," Amanda commanded me.
I wanted to refuse, to spit in her face, but, as the pain faded, even more lust remained behind. I hated her for making me want her, but there was no denying that if I was to escape this agony of lust, I would have to submit to her. In a broken whisper, I said "Please, Amanda, I'm begging you to let me come."
Another stinging reprimand left me writhing in my restraints and I wondered desperately why she still refused me satisfaction.
"You are to address me as Mistress from now on," she said in answer to my unspoken question. "Failure to do so will result in additional punishment," she added stroking me lightly with the riding crop.
"Mistress, please..." I said, anticipating another blow that did not come. Instead, she resumed stroking around my clit.
"Do you want me to fuck you?" she asked in a whisper, her touch a millimeter from my clit.
"Yes, Mistress."
"How shall I fuck you?"
"Any way you like, Mistress."

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