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Zodiac Rising - The Earth Signs: Zodiac Rising, #1

Length: 150 pages2 hours


Tori (Taurus)

Tori Bullen loves her job as a financial adviser and she's really very good at it. In fact, she makes more than enough money to indulge her passion for fine clothes and fine art. The only fly in her personal ointment is her extreme clumsiness. Tori is a bull in a china shop and she is terrified when her mother asks her to buy a crystal vase.

Carter Hendricks loves the fine crystal, delicate art glass, and beautifully shaped silver pieces that he sells in his store, The Crystal Palace. That's why he's confused when Tori stands outside his front window, reluctant to come in. It only takes a few minutes for Tori to nearly knock down several of his treasured pieces for him to understand that reluctance.

But when he runs into Tori again on her own turf, he sees that she's confident in her own world. Carter doesn't know why, but he finds himself attracted to Tori and intrigued by the challenge she presents.

Virginia (Virgo)

All her life, Virginia liked things neat and orderly. She takes excellent care of her home and herself. It was only natural, then, that she should become a nutritional counselor, teaching others how to live healthy lives.

When Sam Houston walks into her office, Virginia sees a thirty-five year old man who looks much older, a man who is struggling to raise three little girls on his own and is worn out by the stress. Virginia is determined to save this man and his daughters, but it looks the Houston family might be saving her instead.

Cappy (Capricorn)

Cappy Capretta lived her life around Stockman's Furniture and her dreams of some day having her own branch to manage. Although she handled Stockman's customers with courteous efficiency, she only knew them by the pieces of furniture they bought.

Brant Dalton was just another customer with a problem for Cappy to solve. When he showed up at the store a few days later to thank her for her help, she found to her shock that, when she looked into those smoky, gray eyes, here was one man she couldn't turn into a recliner or a pair of end tables.

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