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The Big Submissive Part II - Induction

Length: 61 pages51 minutes


As Rory and Oliver grow closer, it becomes obvious that they share a deep, emotional connection, and it is not merely sexual. Rory’s secret desires, however, are threatening to come between them. During a weekend in the country, the door to the truth is finally thrown open, leaving Rory is vulnerable, and Oliver shocked.

Will the couple work out their differences, or will they be separated, chained by societies’ fatal expectations? There is no secret heavier than one unshared. The truth always comes out ....

This is the second part of four in the series. Please note that this publication contains 12 800 words and is approximately 56 delicious pages Thicke.

This m/m storyline contains several elegantly written, yet racy scenes of Bondage and Submission, and it is intended for a mature audience.

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