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Servicing My Truckers 2

Length: 54 pages49 minutes


Anthony’s at college, but he can’t forget the night he spent with a slew of truckers at the rest stop several months ago. Perhaps there was too much passion then- he’s spent every moment of college looking for men in order to relive that night. Luckily for him, both Jim and Dan are back in town, and they’ve got plans… plans to use Anthony to his fullest capacity. Anthony can’t wait.



“Anthony,” he greeted and looked me over with his judgmental dark eyes, as if he knew what I fantasized over. “Welcome to my office. Take a seat.”

It was a command right from the get-go.

Immediately my blood rushed from my head into places farther south. Realistically, I knew that this meeting wasn’t going to be erotic. No teacher would risk his job like that. But I could still want it to be erotic, right? I mean, I could think about sitting right in front of his legs, and opening his thighs and unzipping his fly-

Tap tap tap. The professor stared at me coldly.

Right. A seat. I needed to find a seat, and probably not the one on his lap. I awkwardly smiled at him and sat in the chair across from his desk. Smooth, I thought sarcastically to myself. He probably even noticed you gaging whether or not you could fit his penis in your mouth.

“This problem of yours,” he started, gesturing towards my eyes. I winced. It hadn’t escaped his attention. “Your… distractions, Anthony, your fantasies are getting out of hand. They’re hindering you.”

I nodded, taking careful note of how his chin grew even squarer at the word “hinder”. Did he know he was a beautiful teacher? Did he wake up every morning and say to himself, “I am the sexiest, manliest teacher at State University, and by God, I will give every male student in my class boners as I sip coffee and lean back on the front of my desk and show off the fact that I bench press my own body weight?”

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