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A Private Graduation (Hucow Academy, #3)

Length: 35 pages28 minutes


You can only train for so long. Belinda and Devon haven't quite graduated from the academy yet, but their teacher Elani joins them on their first kinky mission. The portable milking kit will do just fine as far as Belinda is concerned. She will have no trouble producing while Devon acts as her trusted companion. A secluded spot in the forest will do just fine, whether a rescued soldier is watching or not.

Many more soldiers require assistance. Belinda will need more than the healing powers of the milk to convince the commanding officer to support her plan. She will have to lead by example to get the muscular soldiers to play along. Both her enjoyment and her sexual satisfaction depend on it. Devon isn't forgotten in all this, as female soldiers aren't unheard of in the military. Will she like what he has to offer? Follow the eager hucows in their quest to save the human race while having a good time.

The erotic short story A Private Graduation (7900+ words) is the third and final part of the Hucow Academy series. It is intended for adults only!

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