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A Fae Affair: Bound by Magic

Length: 42 pages34 minutes


Aidan is a brash, arrogant young wizard, and heir to his father's impressive legacy. And it's high time he be wedded to a suitable woman, to ensure the ancient line of sorcerers continues.

But Aidan has a secret: a fae lover, one of the Woolgathers, an ancient race of magical forest creatures. His father would never approve of their union, and thus young Aidan harbors a bitter resentment toward the old man's matchmaking ways...

Speaking of which, Kara has by now been whisked off to old wizard's family estate, where she awaits the first meeting with her unwilling betrothed. Never mind that she plans to do anything in her power to ruin her own marriage!

It's not until she meets the charming, sensitive fae servant of her future husband that she finds a sympathetic ear... and starts to wonder if maybe there's something worth sticking around for after all...


“Wait,” she tugged hard on his hand, “Terren.”
He turned back toward her. His expression was wary. The nimble fingers tightened on her hand, warm and smooth.

“I… have to get you back.” He lowered his violet eyes.

She frowned. She didn’t understand this place, but if there was an ally to be found here, it was him. And Kara suspected something in the way he avoided looking directly at her now, and how his fingers were grazing the palm of her hand…

“Why do you have to?” she asked. She stepped closer. Terren stiffened, but did not drop her hand. “You don’t like them, do you? They treat you terribly.”

“The old one does indeed. Master Aiden is simply… having a particularly bad day. Regardless, I don’t mind,” his mouth quirked in a mysterious smile, but he was tight with nervous energy. She ran her other hand slowly up his chest and he flinched backward.

“You’re lying.”

His small smirk faded into a frown. She glared hard at him, their faces so close she could feel his breath on her cheek. His expression softened suddenly. His eyebrows quivered in a look of intrigue as he explored her eyes, nose, down to her mouth.

“Do you want to kiss me?” she whispered and leaned toward him.

Terren inhaled sharply, but did not move to embrace her. He looked back up into her eyes. 
“Interesting...” the word whispered out of him with a confident playfulness that unsettled Kara.

“What is?”

Terren’s long fingers stroked down her hair. He twirled a lock between his fingers.

“You are.” He took her hand and turned away, pulling her after him. “Follow me.”

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