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Zodiac Rising - The Air Signs: Zodiac Rising, #2

Length: 137 pages2 hours


Gina and Gemma (Gemini)

Gina and Gemma Twining, twins that couldn't be more dissimilar, or maybe they're just two sides of the same coin. Gina is the writer, determined to write gritty novels, revealing the seamy underside of mankind. Gemma is an artist, determined to paint the world in soft pastels seen through rose-colored glasses.

The sisters are vacationing in London when Gemma meets the man of her dreams. Suspicious by nature and wanting to protect her naïve sister, Gina pulls the old twin switch. But pretending to be Gemma and checking out the love of her sister's life proves to be dangerous for Gina's heart as well. Which twin will win this perfect Brit?

Libby (Libra)

Libby Balanca spends her days negotiating divorce settlements and the last thing she wants to do is negotiate between her two best friends. Krystal and Ana have been fighting over everything for the past year. The latest fight is over hot divorce lawyer, Dan Steadman.

Dan spends his days protecting women dumped by their husbands after twenty or thirty years of marriage and he's determined not to turn into one of those scumbags. He avoids marriage by playing the field but now he's dating Libby's two friends, Krystal and Ana. That he can handle. What he can't handle is his feelings for Libby, and if he doesn't find a way to break off with Krystal and Ana without breaking their hearts, he'll lose Libby forever.

Aquaria (Aquarius)

Aquaria, conceptual artist (although she'd created nothing), free spirit (although she likes the life provided by her fishing captain father), a woman who wants to get as far away from fish and fishermen as she can. But until she can wheedle the money out of her father, she's stuck in the tiny seaport town she'd grown up in.

Javier, Javy to his friends and family, loves the sea, and as a third generation fisherman, has no intention of giving up the life he was born for. But when he meets Aquaria, nearly running her down in the dark with his bike, he's soon faced with a choice that could tear him apart; his love or his life.

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