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Freshmen Blues, vol-3 (Romance)

Length: 81 pages1 hour


THIS IS ISSUE 2 (Romance Series)

Crystal is a 19 year old freshmen and in trouble, she was about to fail out of the university. She decides to use her other talents to persuade professors to pass her. However, before she embarks on her adventure, she decides to try a few techniques on her dorm mate first.

Kathy is a 19 year old virgin who tries to help crystal by steering her straight, but will it work? Or will she herself fall from grace.

Steve was introduced to a world of high class escorts when he was a young man by his wealthy father. Now, in his mid-forties and a professor at a prestigious university, he runs an escort service for the faculty with the freshmen girls. Will he succeed in recruiting Crystal and Kathy? Or will he be ousted and be sent to prison?

WARNING: Some scenes contain gratuitous sex. 

Approx. Word Count: 18,500

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