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Zodiac Rising - The Fire Signs: Zodiac Rising, #3

Length: 154 pages2 hours


Ariel (Aries)

Ariel Ramson has everything it takes to compete in the world of NASCAR. Courage, ambition, an adventurous spirit, although there are many who would say she takes too many chances. But never has she taken a chance with her heart, until Kent Landon comes along. Unable to resist a challenge, Ariel finds herself in a competition with Kent that she is just as determined to win as he is.

Kent has been following Ariel through the Internet, watching videos of her races and interviews, searching out images, and, to his disgust, acting like a teenager with a crush. Now that she's racing at his track, he's sure he'll be able to get the tempting little gypsy out of his system. A red-hot weekend with Ariel to scratch that itch, and he'll be able to get on with his plans to find a suitable wife. But Ariel's competitive heart, not to mention his own, may be too tough for him to handle.

Leah (Leo)

Leah Leonidas loves public relations. She eats, breathes, lives image with a capital I and she's just gotten the assignment of her life. Cleaning up the image of the Pirate King, ruthless billionaire, Quinten Kingsley Maximilian Marshall III.

Max has never met anyone like Leah. From their very first meeting, Leah has him off balance and running for cover. But he's very much afraid that he can't run fast enough or far enough to get Leah out of his heart.

Sage (Sagittarius)

Deputy Sage Archer and her K-9, Badger. Finder of lost children, illegal drugs, bombs and heart-stopping cat burglars. When Sage entered the deserted bank building with Badger, she expected to find a bomb, not a thief who would rock her world.

Stanton Daniels, master thief, cat burglar, a man with many secrets. When Deputy Archer saves him from a building about to be blown up by a bomb, it doesn't take long for him to figure out that she's the one person that can dig those secrets out of him.

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