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Love Takes Hold (The Helena's Grove Series, #3)

137 pages2 hours


Jennifer Berkley and Zack LaFaye have been leading busy, on-the-go lives. With work and school filling their time, their relationship ends up taking a back seat. Zack finally decides to take matters into his own hands when he asks Jen a question she doesn’t know how to answer.

When Jen once again finds herself living with her father in New York, she is struck with the realization that the scene that was once her life is no longer right for her nor is what she wants. Soon, Jen is confronted by her past and she has two choices: take what's in front of her and move on, or leave and never look back…

Will Jen and Zack’s relationship stand the test of time?

Filled with drama, laughs, intrigue and a little country, this story will have you believing in the power of love.

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