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Dangerous Roleplay: The Billionaire's Capture

Length: 27 pages19 minutes


Adriene has been talking to her secret admirer online for quite some time when he finally suggests something exciting and dangerous: They roleplay their first meeting with her being whisked away under his power, to see where it takes them.

It seems risky, but Adriene is afire with excitement at the idea. She agrees, and finds herself waking up in an unfamiliar place, bound and blindfolded and subject to the whims of her mysterious captor. He’s a man who knows what he wants and has no qualms taking it. He wastes no time in seducing his vulnerable prey, and Adriene finds herself enjoying the attention.

Not that she can do anything to stop it now.


Adriene sat up with a start. The world was dark and oppressive. A thick blindfold covered her eyes; she couldn’t even tell if it was night or day. She tried to move and found her wrists were tightly bound by something coarse. She could feel cool stone against her back and soft blankets beneath her. Her pulse quickened in fear. She knew she’d agreed to this, but nothing in life was guaranteed. Maybe he wouldn’t keep his word and let her go after. Maybe this was all a stupid mistake.

Her throat was dry and she desperately wanted a drink of water. She reflected on the whole situation that got her into this. ‘I was working late at the office, on that ad campaign, and the man I’d been flirting with logged on. We’d started chatting, he found out I’d been working late yet again… He knew I’d always had a fantasy to be taken away from my stress, which had been building lately. We’d never met, but he offered such a tempting first introduction...’

A hop down to the bar down the street, a roleplayed kidnapping in the alley with a bag over her head, and here she was.

“You’re awake,” a cool, deep male voice announced its presence. She jumped. Her hair stood on end.

The voice was familiar. She had heard it before over the internet in a few heated, sexy conversations already.

“What’s going on? What do you want?”

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