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Temptations at the Tailor Shop

Length: 22 pages18 minutes


Harvey has a dream job- normal hours, a quiet environment, and polite customers. If only his tantalizing boss would stop flirting with everything he sees, Harvey might call it the perfect job. Will he be able to resist his boss? Will it ruin his job if he can’t?

Warning! This story contains 5,000 words of m/m interactions. Do not read if under 18!


“Harvey?” Francis called sweetly from across the room. Harvey suppressed a frown. He knew that tone. That tone, that sweet singing tenor timbre, meant “Help me work, Harvey”.

“Coming,” Harvey responded, signing out of the register before walking over to where Francis and his young customer were standing.

“There’s a jacket all the way up there that I think would be dashing on this young man,” Francis began. Harvey moved to get the ladder, silently dreading this time with his boss. Every week it would be some sort of “Hold the ladder while I stick my delicious butt in your face” and every week Harvey would have to try not to look. Every week he’d desperately have to try to keep his hands firmly on the ladder or else he’d start feeling up his boss.

Francis thanked him - “You’re a dear”- and clambered up the ladder. This time, as Harvey held the latter, the jacket in question wasn’t too high on the shelf but high enough that the small of Francis’s back was even with is face. Lust spiked through him as he pictured lifting off Francis’s jacket, and planting a kiss right where his boss’s spine met his ass.

It was almost the perfect job, Harvey reminded himself. He had to make sure he kept it.

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