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Zodiac Rising - The Water Signs: Zodiac Rising, #4

Length: 169 pages2 hours


Cancey (Cancer)

Cancey Cangrejo has a habit of jumping from job to job until she finally lands her dream job. Flight attendant. But on her first day, she meets Marco, the dashing Latin who works business class and has a reputation for acquiring lovely ladies. Cancey falls hard, but she knows she doesn't stand a chance with a man who dates gorgeous supermodels and high-powered business women.

But her good buddy, George Campion, big brother to all women, steps in to help Cancey attract Marco. The trouble is, after taking her for a makeover and spending the day with her, George wants Cancey for himself.

Schuyler (Scorpio)

Dr. Schuyler Scorponi, surgeon, researcher, recluse. Schuyler has never had much to do with people in general and men in particular. All she has is her work and she's convinced herself that's all she needs in her life. But she's about to meet a different kind of man. One who finds a way to break down her walls bit-by-bit.

It's the excellence of her work that brings Schuyler to the attention of Dr. Cameron Jones, new chief of surgery at Midlands General. By the time he finishes offering Schuyler a job as his assistant, her cold responses have him regretting his offer. But then he mentions the new lab and Schuyler comes alive, showing Cam a side of her he finds all too attractive.

Pixie (Pisces)

Pixie is just about as big as her name implies, but that doesn't stop her from doing whatever she wants to do. Like being in tune with the universe, finding lost rings, talking to spirits (although that was a special occasion). Now, she has to use all her psychic powers to save the grandson of that spirit from being killed.

Alan Maddin is a firefighter and a paramedic and he definitely does not believe that Pixie can tune into the universe. He doesn't even know what that means. But his mother insists on seeing Pixie because Sandy's dead mother came to warn her that Alan was going to die during a big fire. Sandy wants Pixie to convince Alan that he's in very real danger.

But the only real danger as far as Alan can see, is getting involved with the petite psychic who has developed a habit of fainting in his arms.

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