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Living for the Moment (Mature Men, #2)

Length: 149 pages2 hours


Sherlyn Drake isn't sure if she's finally hit the jackpot or landed in hell when the evening she grudgingly agreed to spend with her best friend and her sexy brother Darkwater goes wrong. Instead of an awkward dinner for three, she finds herself sharing a night of heated and long denied passion for two.
Thomas Darkwater has always known that Sherlyn was in love with him. Before he could decide how to handle the sexual tension building between them, she stunned him by falling for another man. When fate and circumstances unexpectedly land them together for a romantic dinner, he decides it's time to live for the moment. Her repeated insistence that she's now in lust but not love with him, inspire him to see if he can't recapture some of the magic of having her love him.

28,300 words
Publisher's Note: Living for the Moment is best enjoyed after having read Mature Men: Long, Slow Second Look.

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