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Gender Swap Px: The Hopeless Romantic

Length: 47 pages35 minutes


This 10,000 word story contains explicit sexual content and is intended for mature audiences only.

There's only one girl for Edward. She's the one who occupies his thoughts 24/7, who makes him work hard, who makes him think of a bright future. There's just one problem--he can never get close enough to make a move.

But tonight's different.

Tonight, on the advice of a professor, he will take a pill that makes him understand women. And when he does so, he anticipates using his new knowledge to help him finally get Brittney.

Well, he finally does... but not as Edward, and it's not the last person he gets in the night. In fact, it's not even women he gets at the end of the night--as a woman, he finds himself in the company of two very attractive, burly men, and it's guaranteed to get hot!

This story contains:
*Gender swap
*MMF Threesome
*Rough sex
*And more!

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