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Got Abstract? is Vincent Quatroche’s look at the linguistic shadow world between the relationship of language and meaning in a literal sense of fundamental comprehension. Questioning the accuracy of the written word within the reader’s perception his concept of composition as taking emotional stenography relates to method rather than theme. Fragments abound, vague implications, aftershocks, repercussions, and a dark foreshadowing endeavoring to balance a few laughs (intentional or otherwise) the usual suspects are reinvented as old dwarfs for a new ceremony, some questionable propositions and an extended holiday for non-sequiters. In short the collection is an abstract painting speaking. The author provides the lines and invites the reader to color. While the instrument of this act will range from a flame thrower to a fire extinguisher this is your chance to circle dance in Trace/Schemata Tarantella. For some the title Get Abstract? Will invoke a dairy product advertising slogan, to which the author counters with Robert Mitchum in the kitchen growling a voice over Copeland’s Hoe-Down from the Rodeo suite…..Beef…it’s what’s for dinner.
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