My inspiration for this book came from two different sources:

1. The tyrannical man sitting in the Oval Office who incidentally doesn’t belong there, and
2. My two immigrant grandfathers, who arrived here in the 1890s, one from Italy the other from Germany, who had sayings in their own tongues but were almost identical, literally translated as “There are three types of people in the world: doers, those whose heads need a push, and moaners, who do nothing but moan.”

Living in an active adult community with residents from various areas of this great nation, their saying held very, very true as I had found out through life. I hear a lot of moaning here in the community and felt it was time me, a doer, do something, hence the attached lengthy letter to Mr. Obama.

There are too many coincidental happenings, disappearances, and statements by Mr. Obama that are reminders from my US government training as an intelligence analyst of Vladimir Lenin—the leader of the Russian Revolution, Muslim brotherhood members in our government, and eighty members of our Congress who belong to socialist groups in this country.

Sowing seeds from Lenin is this: What happened to four hundred thousand illegal immigrants who disappeared within the continental United States? Are they the seeds of cells, maybe your next-door neighbor who will react when called upon to overthrow our way of life and government? Time is not on our side, America. We must legally remove all these potential threats, including the Usurper in Charge. I call Mr. Obama the Chameleon, from Christian Democrat to Muslim socialist, and probably when all the smoke has cleared, we’ll find the Red/communist!
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