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In Other F Words: Experiments in Floetry, Denn Thome considers why just one F word has become the standard of what the family of F words means. Latin and other ancient languages did not die out because of misuse. They faltered when they could no longer explain the world emerging about them. Yet they laid a language foundation as their legacy. This collection is the redemption of the family of F words. New words, a new meaning, until the F word ‘family’ emerges from the fray and is acclaimed for its fervent goal to explain what is to come.

Time changes all and the written word is no exception to that rule. Other F Words: Experiments in Floetry introduces a new F word to the family, Floetry. Floetry bends the norm, as the lines of rhyme flow freely, and then looks to the future as the language vibrantly explains what is to come of the myths of tomorrow.

In Other F Words, discover that there is great power in other F words as well, as they explore friendship, love, and the world happening around us!

FELL Some say trees never dance Do not bear fidelity To earthly melodies. Just wait till the blaring winds feast strong With finality awe Test the fainthearted’s Faith with fear Then the trees Who cannot dance the winds Fall.
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ISBN: 9781491741801
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