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The Cosmic Religion: The Next Step

Length: 147 pages1 hour


The author wrote this book while seeking personal answers to situations and their existing problems encountered in his life. The Cosmic Religion is a book written to provide information about past and present religions in our world – it does not promote any one religion. Many religions have constantly shifted their beliefs and evolved with the times. Green’s beliefs involve a spiritual direction which have now taken center stage while offering support to others at critical times. A person’s structured religious and spiritual background is necessary for that support and the solace needed during times of dire need. The Cosmic Religion was designed and developed to secure a direction for survival and avoid the various spinoffs of depression. It includes “quasi-facts” which lead towards the seeking of truth. The Cosmic Religion searches through mythology, astronomy, psychology and religious philosophy for the “correct path” leading to an untarnished spiritual road and spiritual world. Knowledge of how this was successfully achieved, in spite of adversities, is passed on to you.

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