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Working Hard (The Male Escort Diaires, #1)

Length: 210 pages3 hours


Selling sex can be a tricky business. But I've got it mastered. And my clients know the drill: Get on my calendar. Get laid. Get on with your life.

My name is Jett Samson. I'm not looking for love. I'm not looking for marriage. And I'm definitely not looking for happily ever after. I have an amazing life -- hot sex, beautiful women, private jets, luxury around the clock -- and things are running like a dream.

Until I meet Vesper. She's seductive. Extraordinarily beautiful. And married to a shadowy billionaire with a penchant for indulging her every whim.

At first, she's just another client. But then I discover the game she's playing has real consequences. And, in one moment -- with a single fateful choice -- my dream becomes a nightmare of shattered secrets, inexplicable events and a race to protect the only woman I've ever loved.


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