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Filthy French Foto-Shoot

Length: 23 pages22 minutes


An attractive, 40-ish Midwestern couple, Chris and Amanda, decide to vacation in Paris where they engage a photo crew to record (and participate in) their sexual antics as a souvenir of their trip. Though this is their first adventure of this kind, they are both very exhibitionistic and anticipate enjoying their exposure The crew consists of a 20-ish swinging professional couple and a 50-ish photographer. The shoot takes place in a studio with theatrical props and costumes that they use in their lewd tableaus. Unexpectedly, the landlord, a North African Berber with a lecherous interest in buxom, blonde American housewives, shows up and joins in the action. Both husband and wife discover a taste for bisexual play. And, by the end of the story, everyone comes away thoroughly satisfied.

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