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The Ones Before

Length: 206 pages3 hours


Archaeologist have found anomalies in their exploration of Earths historical record.
So my curiosity ask what happened in those reaches of history that aren't documented and what causes those anomalies.

Call the Captain quick, I've spotted several old type ships. We can't hide from them if they get close. Get the chief engineer up here also. I'll take evasive actions and loop around to the asteroid belt and hide us there.

Atrophy is a bummer because once something is gone, IT'S GONE. Or is it?

The DNA samples showed some changes from the Freestone's samples, but not as many as the samples furnished by the Saturn medical community. The junk DNA had many indications that they were of later ancestry than Captain Freestone's crew, but some of the our junk DNA wasn't there. From that, the doctors determined that the natives of DIRT must have settled that planet between the exodus and the present age. However, there were no indications of advanced technology. This presented a mystery.

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