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Late Bite

Length: 341 pages7 hours


What happens when the world discovers a real vampire? Rather than staying hidden and being hunted down by the torch-bearing hordes, he becomes a media sensation, especially when it’s revealed he is the last of his species. This kind of vampire was born of the hominid genus, as is man, but to a subset of humanity – Homo Sanguinus – that split from Homo Sapiens 30,000 years ago. The Sanguinus share many of man’s characteristics but are stronger and faster than humans. And they feed on human blood.
Their downfall as a species is an extremely low birthrate and millennia of conflicts with Homo Sapiens who slaughtered them because of Sapiens’ vastly greater numbers. The Sanguinus reproduce the same way humans do and cannot be made through a Bram Stoker-style neck bite.
Dragul Mangorian is the sole surviving Sanguinus. After a series of attacks where victims were found with two puncture wounds in their necks and with an inexplicable loss of two pints of blood, police hunt down Mangorian, capture him and put him on trial for the attempted murder of nine people.
In the sensational ‘vampire trial' where newspapers, TV networks, and magazines from around the globe clamour for a seat in the courtroom, Mangorian’s lawyer Al Hamblyn persuades the jury to acquit his client of all major charges. Now free in a world where the Kardashians are famous for being famous and the Mayor of Toronto is famous for his misadventures, Mangorian becomes a massive, global star as the host of TV's #1 late night talk show, Late Bite.
Each show captures audiences in the tens of millions. Many of the ultra fans offer Mangorian a non-lethal sampling of their blood as a show of their devotion. Life for Mangorian and Hamblyn, now business partners, is perfect as they seek to take their broadcasting company public and become billionaires in the process.
That perfection is ruptured when police uncover a series of vicious murders with all the markings of a vampire. The stage is set for Mangorian, Hamblyn and a team of elite assassins to hunt down the real killer.

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